Mix & Match with Chloe…

High quality fabrics, innovative designs that state perfection are attributes of Chloe and I absolutely love each and every design created. Attention to detail is what makes any fashion accessory or fashion item special, with that certain “je ne sais quoi” that just catches the eye, and it seems that this characteristic is featured in every design signed Chloe.

Handbag styles vary from totes to elegant clutches, so adapt the style of your bag to the rest of your outfit. The spring summer 2011 handbag collection signed Chloe is earth tone inspired, so it suits the most fashion color trends of the season. Go for a simple or an embellished bag, depending on personal preference and occasion.

Shoes also play an essential role as far as style goes, so inspire yourself from Chloe and add to your stylish shoe collection comfortable ballerina shoes and flats, cool platforms and wedges as well as the classic sandal and the oh-so-popular classic high heel. These are all the shoes you need for the summer to look absolutely stunning, therefore, select your favourite design and match them with an equally fab handbag and outfit!


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