For the love of Balenciaga…

Those who wish to take a closer look at details will have the chance to skim through the Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2011 handbags collection which bears the same influences still undermines a bit the well-known Balenciaga futuristic trend when it comes of accessories. Instead to our greatest pleasure we have the chance to scout a wide array of handbags that can be easily embedded into a business, street as well as casual chic outfit.

Totes were envisioned in pastel as well as more flashy shades. Pink, cream, blue as well as white were tones that would fulfill the craving of fashionista who look for illuminating and complementary pieces for their light and spring-style outfit. Others will have the chance to spot bags that appeal to the latest accessory trends as the perforated design, crocodile, python and other aspects.

You’ll find bags produced of the most refined fabrics as suede and velvet as well as the ageless leather which perfectly echoes the Punked-up allure the whole collection radiates with a tint of urban class. The universal quality of these Balenciaga handbags lie in the fact that these still preserve the motorcycle bag tradition as the trademark of Balenciaga still come out with some invention when it comes of feminine and minimalist influences.

I want to tell you all that I forever love Balenciaga 😀


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